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Metrohm is synonymous with potentiometric titration, Karl Fischer titration, ion chromatography, voltammetry, electrochemistry and near-infrared spectroscopy solving your analytical chemistry problems with quality instrumentation and support services. We offer much more than just instruments, in our laboratories we develop tailor-made applications for peace of mind, to comply with regulations, and to optimize processes.

Set up in 1995, Metrohm UK serves the key markets of the UK including the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as the automotive and food sectors. The company is fortunate to have highly motivated management teams and experienced sales, service and support team that are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations on every occasion.

Giving our analytical customers full application support is the most important aspect that we can provide to the market place. Most recently, relocating to Cheshire and investing 1.5 million pounds into the new premises has provided specialist laboratories for supporting customer applications and excellent facilities for hosting training sessions & workshops, seminars and instrument demonstrations.



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