Each instrument is supplied with carefully selected accessories; indeed most instruments cannot be used to full effect without accessories. We place great emphasis on offering you problem solutions from a single source. In addition to a comprehensive instrument program, this requires an equally extensive range of accessories. 

In case you don’t know the ordering number of the accessory you are looking for, just type in the name of the instrument you need this accessory for. Click on «part list» and find the accessories for your instrument listed there.

6.10 IC columns
6.12 Electrode parts
6.14 Accessories for measuring and titration vessels
6.15 Accessories for cylinders, pistons and burets
6.16 Bottles and bottle accessories
6.18 Connectors made of plastic
6.19 Stirrer accessories
6.20 Support rods, holders, clamps
6.21 Cables and electrical accessories
6.22 Recording and evaluation tools
6.23 Buffers, electrolytes, standard solutions, chemicals
6.24 Glass parts
6.26 Metal parts
6.27 Plastic parts
6.28 Miscellaneous parts made of various materials
6.30 Exchange Units and Dosing Units
6.50 IC Accessory Kits
6.51 Equipment sets for potentiometric methods
6.53 Equipment sets for VA and IC methods
6.54 Equipment sets for coulometric methods
6.56 Miscellaneous equipment sets
6.57 Equipment with consumables
6.59 Spare parts
6.60 Software
6.72 Acessories 875 KF Gas Analyzer
6.73 Accessories for Combustion IC
6.74 Accessories for NIRS
6.75 Accessories for Raman
6.90 Accessories for special instruments
6.99 Accessories for special devices


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