Ion-selective Metrosensor electrodes

6.0510.100Combined polymermembrane electrode Ca
Calcium-selective combined polymer membrane electrode with shock-protected membrane.
6.0509.007scION Tip Ca, 3 pcs.
Calcium-selective polymer membrane electrode tip on a thick-film basis with certificate, package of 3
6.0509.000 scION Tip Ca

Calcium-selective polymer membrane electrode tip on a thick-film basis with certificate

6.0508.100Polymer membrane electrode Na
Sodium-selective polymer membrane electrode with certificate, reinforced polymer membrane, Metrohm plug-in head G
6.0506.150NH 3-selective electrode

For samples with high ammonium concentration, a membrane type is used that is outstanding for shorter regeneration times and a better signal stability at high ammonium concentrations.

In addition, the membrane need only be replaced at regular intervals in the case of this version. This is the great advantage with extremely contaminated samples (e.g. sewage with oil components) with correspondingly greater loads on the membrane.

6.0506.100NH 3-selective electrode

The preassembled, individually tested and certified complete modules are to be recommended for measurements in water with low ammonium concentrations
(e.g. drinking water, boiler feed water, etc.).
The membranes used in this version are outstanding for their rapid response time and low detection limits.

6.0504.120Polymer membrane electrode NO3- tip

Polymer membrane electrode, NO3- with replaceable electrode tip, Metrohm plug-in head G

6.0504.110Polymer membrane electrode, K tip
Polymer membrane electrode, K with replaceable electrode tip, Metrohm plug-in head G
6.0502.190Ion-selective electrode, SCN
Ion-selective electrode, SCN, Metrohm plug-in head G
6.0502.180Ion-selective electrode, Ag/S
Ion-selective electrode, Ag/S, Metrohm plug-in head G
6.0502.170Ion-selective electrode, Pb
Ion-selective electrode, Pb, Metrohm plug-in head G
6.0502.160Ion-selective electrode, I
Ion-selective electrode, I, Metrohm plug-in head G
6.0502.150Ion-selective electrode, F
Ion-selective electrode, F, Metrohm plug-in head G
6.0502.140Ion-selective electrode, Cu
Ion-selective electrode, Cu, Metrohm plug-in head G
6.0502.130Ion-selective electrode, CN
Ion-selective electrode, CN, Metrohm plug-in head G
6.0502.120Ion-selective electrode, Cl
Ion-selective electrode, Cl, Metrohm plug-in head G
6.0502.110Ion-selective electrode, Cd
Ion-selective electrode, Cd, Metrohm plug-in head G
6.0502.100Ion-selective electrode, Br
Ion-selective electrode, Br, standard ground-joint, Metrohm plug-in head G


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