Good reasons for laboratory automation

You carry out a lot of different analyses and think that automation is not practical for you? Your analyses are complex and require various sample preparation steps? Do these steps involve exact pipetting out or transferring of the sample and the addition of various auxiliary reagents?

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes” you should take a look at the possibilities of automation with Metrohm.


Sample Changers

Compact, easy and precise – the Sample Changer family shows that automation is not only useful for high capacity routine labs.

Automation systems

The MATi Systems (Metrohm Automated Titration Systems) are ready-to-use packages customized to fulfil particular application demands.

Hyphenated systems

The TitrIC systems combine the advantages of titration, pH and conductivity measurement and ion chromatography in one system

Sample Processors

Some applications require more than just changing the beaker from one determination to the other. This requires flexible automation devices like the Robotic Sample Processors

Peripheral devices for Sample Processors

Peripheral devices like Stirrer, Swing Head, Relay Box and Level Control


Fast and reliable automated liquid transfer by using Metrohm peristaltic and membrane pumps.

New! 898 XYZ Sample Changer

898 XYZ Sample Changer – the Metrohm Sample Changer for large sample series



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