Thermometric titrator – can you feel the heat?

Why use thermometric titration?
Thermometric titration is fast, simple to use, rugged, versatile and unique.
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In thermometric titration, the temperature change during a chemical reaction is used for the endpoint detection. This temperature change takes place only while the titrant reacts with the analyte. This makes endpoint detection very easy!
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Consequently, the thermometric titrator is the ideal solution for difficult samples with complex matrices that cannot be titrated potentiometrically.
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6.9011.040HF  Thermoprobe for 859 Titrotherm

Thermoprobe for the 859 Titrotherm for titrations in HF containing solutions.

6.9011.020Thermoprobe for 859 Titrotherm

Temperature sensor for thermometric titration with the 859 Titrotherm. For aqueous or nonaqueous solutions.

2.859.1010859 Titrotherm complete with tiamo

Computer-controlled titrator for thermometric titration. Including complete accessories for the titration (10 mL buret, titration stand with rod stirrer, Thermoprobe, titration vessel and tiamo™ light).


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