pH/Ion meter

Comfortable pH and ion measurement with direct measurement or standard addition, even software controlled with 867 pH module.

2.867.1410pH Module with Touch Control

The 867 pH Module with Touch Control is a pH/ion meter for meeting the highest expectations.

It is specially suitable for:

  • Measurement of the pH value, the ORP, the temperature or an ion concentration
  • pH measurement in accordance with USP 791
  • Ion measurement using fully automated standard addition (with optional 800 Dosino)
2.867.0210867 pH Module with tiamo™ light

pH/ion measuring module for stand-alone operation as pH/ion meter with a PC. Including tiamo light software, 854 iConnect and intelligent combined "iUnitrode" pH glass electrode.

2.867.0110867 pH Module with Touch Control

High-end pH/ion meter based on the 867 pH Module. Including 900 Touch Control, 854 iConnect and intelligent combined "iUnitrode" pH glass electrode.

2.867.0010867 pH Module

Module for pH/ion measurement as supplement to a Titrando or "stand-alone" in combination with a 900 Touch Control.

2.781.0010781 pH/Ion Meter

Combined pH/ion meter

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